Micellar Water Trial Kit

Cleanse your skin and the planet with the lightest micellar water!

Formulated without alcohol and with organic cucumber and aloe vera, it gently removes all impurities and makeup from the face, eyes, and lips.

Discover a new way to take care of yourself and the planet for only €2.90!

You will then be delivered at regular intervals (modifiable/cancellable with a click in your personal space).

Locally made
Natural origin
100/100 on Yuka


Our ingredients

Cucumber and Aloe Vera

yuka : 100/100

Sorbitol, sodium cocoyl glutamate, sodium methyl oleoyl taurate, sodium anisate, sodium levulinate, potassium citrate, sodium gluconate, sodium chloride, sodium benzoate, citric acid, camellia sinensis seed extract, cucumis sativus fruit extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder, erythritol, inulin, parfum (fragrance), monosodium citrate, maltodextrin, aqua

Super effective

Tested by our community and a panel of experts, our formula guarantees: • Complete makeup removal for the face, eyes, and lips without rubbing or irritation 💆‍♀️ • Toned and refreshed skin • Hydrating 💧 and softening action

The simple, basic subscription.


Your no-obligation trial

Try 1 tablet 100mL of Micellar Water for 2,90 €

Your trial kit contains:

1 month of Micellar Water
1 x 1 tablet 100mL


1 refillable bottle

In 20 days

Your 1st subscription delivery

Receive 4 Micellar Water for 4 x €2.90

Every 4 months

Your regular refills

Receive 4 Micellar Water for 4 x €2.90

100% flexible and no commitment:

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Adopted by thousands of customers

It's great for travelling because you can refill the bottle when you get there! I really like this product and use it morning and night.


Super-effective and fresh. Does not leave skin feeling sticky. Does not irritate the skin. Mine gets red easily and there's no problem 🤗


Does the job just as well as a major brand, but at a lower price and more environmentally friendly.

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We answer your questions

How does the trial kit work?

To enable you to test our micellar water, we initially send you a micellar water trial refill with a complimentary refillable bottle offered for €2.90. Then, after 20 days, we will dispatch your first complete refill for 4x100 mL of micellar water (€11.60). Feel free to adjust or cancel it from your customer account. Subsequently, your refills will be sent to ensure you always receive your micellar water on time! 💪

How long does each refill last?

A micellar water refill is a tablet that, once dissolved, transforms into 100 ml of micellar water! With your 4 tablets, you have enough to refill your micellar water 4 times, thus creating 4 x 100 ml of micellar water. How long does 100 ml of micellar water last? Normally, about one month if you use it every day.

What ingredients are blacklisted?

Our goal is to offer you a formula that is good for both you and the planet! 🌍 So, your micellar water is without alcohol or any ethoxylated ingredients, which allows it to be gentle on your skin and pamper you to the fullest!

Do I have to subscribe?

Indeed, our subscription lets us streamline production, lower costs, and ship more products in one go—making them more budget-friendly. Plus, it's a win for the planet! 🌍 Feel free to tweak or stop your subscription anytime with just a few clicks!

Is your micellar water suitable for children?

Micellar water is a skincare product for adults, so we do not recommend using it on your little ones 🐣.

How to store your micellar water?

We carefully examined this issue and decided to incorporate a preservative (sodium benzoate) certified by Cosmos to prevent bacteria proliferation 🦠. Given the water concentration in the formed micellar water, we recommend storing it for 1 month! ☀️

Can I use tap water to refill your micellar water?

Yes, we've thought of everything 🤓. You can easily refill your micellar water with tap water. For this, we adjusted our formula by adding: - Natural anti-limescale agents: sodium gluconate and tripotassium citrate (a good alternative to the highly criticized EDTA) that will capture magnesium and calcium ions, the source of limescale. - Natural preservatives: sodium levulinate, sodium anisate, and sodium benzoate, derived from anise 🌱, which will combat microorganisms. 🦠

Is your micellar water suitable for pregnant women?

Our formulas have been developed in accordance with strict specifications, allowing our products to be used by pregnant women! 💁‍♀️

Is your micellar water suitable for sensitive skin?

Our micellar water has been dermatologically tested on a panel of individuals with sensitive skin. The test demonstrated optimal tolerance even for the most sensitive skin!

Is your micellar water vegan?

All our products are proudly vegan! We adore those little critters just like you do 🐰 🐷! Our formulas are crafted with ingredients that are not only beneficial for you but also for the planet!! 🌎

Can I use your refills with other bottles?

900.care bottles are designed to achieve the perfect concentration 🤗. However, it is possible to use your own bottle. If you choose to do so, make sure to respect the quantities, which are 100 ml of water for 1 micellar water tablet 🤓.

Micellar Water

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Recycled and 100% recyclable

Durable and infinitelyyy refillable

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